Delta Motorcycle and Car Training

With the enjoyment of teaching new skills to all ages and helping them to get safely riding on the road.
Delta Motorcycle Coaching has branched out into the driving school market and are now teaching cars as
Delta Motorcycle and Car Training

Currently we only are offering manual car training in our company vehicle but are happy to use a student supplied automatic vehicle (as long as it is roadworthy).

Advice for starting to learn to drive:

  • Choose a good instructor that will know the steps needed for beginning driving and if the clutch gets dropped or slips excessively it will be rectified straight away.
  • It’s very hard to learn or teach when stressed so use a good instructor as it will not put the supervising driver and the student into a high stress dangerous environment.
  • It is far easier to start learning manual with an experience instructor and their car than in a parents, relations or friends’ car.
  • Where possible attempt learning manual first.
  • Don’t assume you can’t drive a manual because you were told it is hard. You don’t know until you give it a go.
  • For the very first lesson if possible it is a good idea to start with an instructor and not with friends or family. Give them a good foundation to work with. Small incorrect teachings may take longer to de-teach.
  • Give manual a chance and don’t give up after one lesson. It is a new skill you are learning.
  • Find a driving school with a qualified driving instructor that you feels comfortable with.
  • Don’t stick with a driving school because you feel obliged to.
  • If you don’t feel comfortable with an instructor try another school.
  • There’s no problem saving money by practicing in a private car, but learners need to drive as they were taught by the instructor even if it don’t seem right to the experienced driver mentoring them. Just call there instructor and ask for clarification.

Remember that Practice Makes Permanent. If taught incorrectly from the start it is harder to retrain bad habits.