Do I need to have any previous riding experience?

No experience is necessary as at the first lesson will be done in a controlled area for the safety of you and others. Only when our instructors believe you are ready, we then venture out to the open road (back roads are used until you build up skills).

What do I need do to obtain my motorcycle licence?

Firstly, take a look at Getting your Motorcycle and/or Car Licence by the Department of Transport to verify what class you are eligible to get.

R-N:   Moped
R-E:  Learner Approved Motorcycle Scheme (L.A.M.S)
R: Open Class
C: Car
C-A: Car with Automatic Restriction

How many lessons do you think I will need?

This is one of those “How long is a piece of string” questions as each individual learns differently.

The amount of lessons may depend on previous experience, the ability to pick up new skills and of course nerves.

Even though a student may have ridden a trail bike before, it doesn't mean they necessarily need less lessons than an absolute beginner. At Delta Motorcycle Coaching our instructors will assess each new rider and only then be able to give you an estimate.

What is the average amount of lessons needed?

As a rule Delta Motorcycle ans Car Training doesn’t give out any average amount as lessons as if any student goes over the average they may feel like the not going well and lose self-confidence. Our main priority is making sure you can operate the vehicle safely, confidently and responsibly on your own.

What happens if I just cannot get the hang of riding a motorcycle?

Understandably a small number of people may not be able to ride but with the right instructor you should be told as soon as possible. Please have faith in the instructor to let you know either way.

Delta Motorcycle and Car Training will only give you as many lessons as you need or as many as you want.

Do you teach automatic cars as I have been told it is easier to learn?

At Delta Motorcycle and Car Training we only supply a manual learner vehicle.

Before taking the automatic route give us ago to teach you how to operate a manual vehicle. It is not as hard as you may think.

Most students I have found go to automatic because of either have a bad experience while trying to be taught by parents/guardians, family members or friends.

There are many good driving instructors but unfortunately bad teaching can also be done by so called professional driving instructors that have been known over control the dual controls or just should not be teaching.

Do you come to me or do I need to go to you?

Car students I come to you and I am happy to use the students vehicle as long as it is roadworthy and has a centre mounted handbrake

Due to the time restraint and trying to get so many students in for lessons, if you need to use our loan bike you will need to come to us in Kelmscott.

We are happy to come to you if you have your own roadworthy bike and are located in our serviced area.