Motorcycle License Perth

Which License is for You?

Now that you have decided to get your motorcycle licence in perth, the first step of the journey is to find out which class is right for you. Here are the basic details about each motorcycle licence class:

R-N (Moped)

  • No previous motorcycle training needed. 
  • Suitable for any moped (50cc Scooter not capable of more than 50kph). 
  • Minimum age for a learners permit is 15yrs 6mths. 
  • Minimum age for R-N licence is 16yrs.

R-E (Restricted)

  • No previous motorcycle training needed.
  • Suitable for any motorcycle that is registered as LAMS (Learner Approved Motorcycle Scheme)
  • Minimum age for a learners permit is 16yrs.
  • Minimum age for R-E licence is 17yrs. 

For the list of LAMS approved vehicles go to Department of Transport

R- (Unrestricted)

  • Must have held a restricted motorcycle (R-E class) licence for at least one (1) year.
Information stated on this website is up to date at time of publication, please check with the Department of Transport for more detail as regulations may change without notice.

For more details about the different motorcycle classes visit Department of Transport or read Getting your Motorcycle Licence.

C    (Car)

  • No previous driver training needed.
  • Minimum age for a learners permit is 16yrs.
  • Minimum age for C licence is 17yrs. 
Note*       If the PDA is assessed in an automatic vehicle an A restriction is given which mean you cannot drive a manual car.
               You can practice road skills in a automatic and it will not effect your licence if you get assessed in a manual car.
The Logbook is to log road experience only.

Before deciding on getting an automatic licence because you have been told it is easier, get a lesson in a manual with a good instructor and see it is not that hard for most people at all.


Taking the first attempt at a manual car with a parent/guardian, friend or relative may result in yelling, screaming and/or the giving up of a manual licence.

If you still aren't sure, we are experts when it comes to motorcycle and car licences in Perth and are here to help! Feel free to give our team a call on 0452 452 570 today.