Our Fleet

If you wish to take your lessons on your own bike that's fine with us as long as they are roadworthy and comply with Western Australian Vehicle Standards. If you don't have a bike that not a problem either so we have a selection of motorcycles suitable for different classes.

Why Use Our Bikes?

As a new student you may not want to invest in your own motorcycle until you've had a chance to see if you really like riding, try different bikes then decide on what style suits you after you get your licence.

Also there are many bike that are great for learning and others may not be the most suited for lessons and the test due to the style and manoeuvrability of the vehicle.

Loan Bikes

Delta Motorcycle and Car Training is happy to loan bikes while learning through us at no extra charge. (Unfortunately we don’t supply mopeds for the R-N lessons)

We can loan you the following motorcycles while under our supervision:

R-E (Restricted)

Honda CB125E
Honda CBR125E

A small bike that is great for our smaller students or if you just need to gain some confidence.

Suzuki 250 Inazuma

Suzuki 250 Inazuma

A larger LAMS approved bike accommodates both larger students and those with previous experience and are confident riders.

R (Unrestricted)

Honda NC700
Honda NC700

This bike is used for those going for their open class licence which is easy to ride and very manoeuvrable for its size.

Late model car
Holden Barina is used as it is easy to drive plus it and accommodate even our taller students.

If you have any questions about our motorcycles or using your own, please contact us on 0452 452 570.