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Gary's patience, understanding and reiteration of the fundamentals were exceptional, especially on the bad days when it wasn't clicking, which eventuated in a stress free progression from leaner to rider in just a handful of lessons. I can't thank him enough for this and willingly recommend him to anyone who asks.

Tim (10/07/2018)

I was really nervous coming up to my PDA, but my Dad recommended Delta car training and the lessons I had with Gary really helped to make sure I was prepared and able for the test. Gary's teaching is easy to grasp and he is very flexible and friendly. I'm definitely glad I booked those lessons.

Zacharia Winter (06/07/2018)

I only had a few lessons with Gary, as that was all I needed to pass my test. He is a wealth of riding knowledge and no mistake gets past him, with a great sense of humour he made the lessons enjoyable and not overwhelming.

Thanks heaps Gary, big fan!

Ryan M. (21/06/2018)

Gary is a brilliant instructor, always lets you know where you can improve and doesn’t split hairs about the training.
If you want someone to teach you how to just pass a test, he’s not your man.
If you want someone to teach you how to RIDE, I’d recommend him 100x over.

Thanks again for the training and helping me get up to scratch.

Drew Saunders (30/11/2017)

Gary is definitely one of the best instructors I’ve dealt with. Learnt a lot and helped me greatly through passing my test, would recommend to anyone!!!

Ben Seth (24/10/2017)

Delta Motorcycle and Car Training is an exceptional driving school to learn through. The instructor was very professional and makes you feel very relaxed behind the wheel. The instructor gave clear explanations of everything. He has great experience and is very patient.  Any new or existing learner would be very well of going through  Delta Motorcycle and Car Training. 

Thanks for everything

Eurika L. (15/09/2017)

Gary is a great instructor, all ways lets you know if you are doing something wrong and how you can improve.
Helped me shake so many of my bad habits and pass my test.

Alex Holland (15/08/2017)

Just completed my test after a few rides with Gary. Very patient and understanding to help you get through all the skills you need to pass and live on your motorcycles.

Jason (04/08/2017)

I would highly recommend Gary to teach any teenager to drive. He gave my daughter so much confidence to learn to drive a manual car through his support and encouragement. I was so proud of her when she passed her PDA first go. Thank you Gary.

Danielle Erdelyi (15/07/2017)

Gary is a absolute legend I had had a couple of lessons with different people before him but this guy taught me better than them 100%.
Could not recommended anyone better if you are looking for someone to teach you this is your man got my R-E license and couldn't be happier.
Furthermore he doesn't take the piss he will train you as fast as he can safely of course so your not wasting your money on lessons.

Great guy thanks again mate couldn't have done it without you.

W. McConkey (15/06/2017)

There is nothing bad you can say about Gary and his ethic. Super honest and always has his customers priorities first. I needed to get my license rather quickly as I am leaving for Europe and he went out of his way to contact me to get an earlier test as he knew I was ready, almost before I did! Very friendly, professional and extremely good at his job. Could not recommend highly enough!

Danny Van Der Veer (26/05/2017)

Gary is an awesome riding instructor. Right from the start he makes you feel comfortable. He is a good bloke, easy to talk to and very professional. He takes the time to teach you to ride safe, shares his knowledge and experience and gives you good tips along the way. Very happy I chose Gary to be my riding instructor. Had a few lessons with him and passed my test first shot. Would recommend Gary to anyone learning to ride.

Jono Visser (25/05/2017)

What can I say, Gary from the get go you were nothing but professional and honest, you ironed out my bad habits and have now given me a knowledge of wealth when it comes to riding safety. And even though you copped some buggers debris to the face. You handle it better than I would I'd be hunting them down.
People if you want to pass your test then look no further Gary is ya man kudos to you mate.

Ben Smith (15/05/2017)

Gary came highly recommended from several of my friends - and they were right. Gary is a patient highly capable instructor who made me feel comfortable on a bike from the first lesson. I enjoyed each lesson and feel that Gary has prepared me to ride safely on the road. Thanks Gary!

Jodie Belton (15/05/2017)

Passed my test today. thanks to Gary for being a great instructor, not only taught me how to ride but how to ride safely. Couldn't recommend Gary enough he was very patient when teaching but thorough. As well as being professional lessons were fun and I felt relaxed in Gary's company as an instructor. will definitely recommend friends who want to learn in the future.

Claire Mcpherson (02/05/2017)

Awesome instructor and genuinely a good bloke. Can help anyone pass there test. Helps you through mistakes and never gets frustrated or angry. Will definitely be recommending to family and friends!

Jake Revell (02/05/2017)

Gary!! Thanks so much for being such an amazing manual car driving instructor. I couldn't have asked for more! Thankyou for your patience, kindness, and easy-going personality that made lessons so enjoyable and unstressful. Thanks especially for the genuine interest I can tell you show to, not only me but, all your driving students.

I can't believe how well you prepared me to pass my PDA first time, in just three lessons. 

To anyone who reads this - and after experiencing some not so flash driving lessons with a previous instructor - I can honestly say Gary is an incredible driving instructor!!

He prepared me so well for what to expect in the driving test. Gary is super friendly and doesn't judge or make you feel incompetent or useless. He taught me the things I needed to improve on, spending time on my weak areas of driving, unlike my old instructor. Not only this, he is also super punctual, doesn't try to squeeze extra lessons than necessary out of you and his prices are affordable. 

Another amazing thing about Gary is his genuine interest in your driving success, that goes far and above what's expected of a driving instructor. A personal example of this is: On the morning before my PDA, I had one last driving lesson in my own car with him at 6:05am. Once he'd given me my lesson, he chose to wait around while I did my test just so he could find out how I'd gone! 

Thanks again Gary and I couldn't recommend you more highly to anyone looking for driving lessons!!

Joanna L (25/04/2017)

I want to thank you so much for helping me to get my driving licence . You are best driving instructor that I had . It's easy to understand you and you gave me a lots of helpful recommendations. 

Maria Ovcharenko (15/04/2017)

Thanks Gary On fantastic manual car driving lessons .  I learnt more in 4 lessons with you than in 12 lessons with another instructor.

Your calm approach settled my nerves before my driving test enabling me to pass, Also your use of a white board to explain techniques makes learning much easier. Thanks once again and I highly recommend you to anyone who would like a nice calm learning experience. 

Arielle (06/04/2017)

 Gary at Delta Motorcycle and Car Training is 1. a top bloke that is easy to get along with, and 2. a top instructor! He explains everything very clearly and is easy to understand. He talks constantly through your headset providing riding tips and precautions on possible hazards,  The man is an absolute wealth of information when it comes to road rules, road craft and is more than happy to share it with you. I had some prior experience with bikes and Gary booked my test at Kelmscott after just one lesson which I passed without an issue. I highly recommend Delta Motorcycle and Car Training to anyone wanting to get there licence! I know he will be who I call on when it comes time to get my R class next year ....

Glen  (04/04/2017)

Gary - I couldn't recommend you higher!
As an instructor you were patient, encouraging and supporting!
You didn't just teach me to ride my motorbike, you taught me how to ride safely, how to read traffic, be cautious and confident!
I am so grateful for the lessons you have taught me - no doubt they will last a lifetime!
Thank you, Trish

Trish (18/03/2017)

Gary is an amazing instructor. He helped me with his patience and knowledge of his skilled motorbike riding and safety. I highly recommend him as an instructor. I passed my RE license thanks to him.
Cheers Gary.

Kristy Pateman (08/03/2017)

Gary is a brilliant instructor. Patient and very understanding of what makes people nervous and how to overcome it. Would definitely recommend!

Jane Glynn (26/02/2017)

Thanks to Gary at Delta Motorcycle and Car Training I passed my motorcycle licence.
A very professional and patient instructor and top bloke thanks again Gary.

Brian Livingstone (12/01/2017)

Gary is a fabulous instructor, easy to learn. Had 3 lessons with him and passed my R-E motorbike test today at Kelmscott Licensing Department. 10/10 would recommend.

Cherie Nathan (11/01/2017)

Gary is a awesome instructor who is very patient, knows not just the rules and what you need to pass the test, but also how to be safe on the streets. Could not be more happy with Delta, recommended to anyone.

Stefan Kaurin (28/12/2016)

Gary was patient and gave clear instructions always encouraging me to enjoy the ride. The number of lessons were just enough to bring me up to a level to pass the test.

Enjoyed our riding together.

Thanks Gary (18/11/2016)

I have to say, looking at riding a two wheeled vehicle for the first time is a little daunting, especially being a female and not wanting to be judged. I first approached a different school, however didn’t get a response. When I sent a message to Gary, all my questions were answered and an appointment was booked to suit me.

Gary was amazing, his outlook on riding and advice is second to none. There was no pushing, no crude remarks, and no judgement. His main focus is on his students safety, and I felt safe at all times.

I passed my R-E in 2012 on my first try when he told me that I was ready for the test. I then came back for a refresher on the assessors ‘do’s and do nots' and booked another test for R class. Again, a first time pass.

I recommend Delta to anyone and everyone that I can who may be looking at riding, and have had many friends also pass their tests under Gary's guidance.

Thank you, a million times over.

Ellyn Fitzgerald

Many thanks to Gary for getting myself and son, Joe, through our bike tests first time. Excellent teacher.

Lewis Osborne (01/06/2016)

10/10 for Delta Motorcycle Training!
Gary is a very kind and professional! He is genuinely just there to teach you how to ride not to just pass your test! He taught me a lot over the couple of lesson that we done! I passed my test first shot just from his information! I thank you again Gary for all the help that you gave me! I'll be seeing you again for my open class license for sure!

Rylee Hollands (19/05/2016) 

Gary was patient and supportive when I was learning to ride a motorbike. I'd come from a different instructor who was unpleasant and I wasn't enjoying learning. My confidence was terrible. Gary built me right up and taught me useful skills and the right mindset.
I'd recommend using Delta to anyone.

Ellie Davidson

I was recommended Gary (Delta Motorcycle and Car Training) by someone who previously had lessons with him, and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for a motorcycle or car instructor, so if you’re in doubt know that Gary is the one to go to.

Gary straight away was always willing to accommodate me and was more than happy to find a time that best suited myself for lessons, no matter whether it be around work, or university commitments. He allowed me to build confidence before taking me out onto busier roads and intersections, which made me feel in control and safe, as I wasn’t ever pushed into doing anything I didn’t feel confident with. He also makes you feel at ease and talks to you constantly, so that you don’t hold your breath the entire ride, which definitely helps calm the nerves. 

Gary is also very straight up and will not force you into more lessons or pretend that you need more lessons than you do, unlike other companies that may push you for more lessons even if you don’t need them. As for myself being a broke university student this helped me out a lot, as I was able to have Gary guide me as to how many lessons I needed and when he thought that I was truly ready to book my test.

He teaches you to survive on the roads, not just teaches you to pass your test. Which for me is exactly how it should be. Every cent was worth spending and I am happy to say I passed my PDA first go, as did my friend, with the help of Gary. He is always willing to help whether you have a random question you want answered or need to clarify anything, no matter the time of day. So don’t hesitate, book your lesson today, you won’t regret it! 

Thanks Gary!

Jaydeen Cooper (28/03/2016)

 Gary is a very patient man who helped me gain my confidence. He also helped do something I never thought i could do those horrible u turns. Brilliant man and I will be seeing him to get my big bike licence. Highly recommend Gary

Richard Gibson (25/03/2016)

I'm a 60 year old lady who,prior to 2 months ago,had never ridden a motorbike. 

It wasn't until I saw my partner ride his newly acquired motorbike down the driveway that I thought “Gee,that looks like fun”. 

I contacted Gary  at Delta Motorcycle Coaching and on my first lesson I took both feet off the ground – I was hooked ! I gradually,through intense, professional coaching and a great deal of patience on Gary's part,managed to perfect the dreaded U Turns and from there progressed to gaining my licence.

 Gary has a very calm,professional manner and is very encouraging and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to any prospective motorcyclists.


Ann Fagan (28/03/2016)

If you’re looking to get your motorcycle licence then Gary at Delta Motorcycles Coaching is the man to see. Very professional patient and knowledgeable he helped me through my RE and R licence and teaches you skills to survive on the roads highly recommend.

Thanks Gary

Vince (05/03/2015)

Approaching middle age, Delta Motorcycle Coaching has helped me turn a long time goal into a reality, I rode bikes a bit when I was younger, but never took the time to formalise the license.  I found Gary to be extremely supportive and encouraging, he not only helped me pass my R-E practical driving assessment, but more importantly has taught me the necessary skills to survive and be safe on the road.  Gary has a unique style of coaching, taking time to demonstrate and explain the principles, and then providing the feedback so that I improved after each exercise.  Thanks to Gary, I’m back on a motorbike and living the dream.

Chris Abbott, Mount Nasura. (29/01/2015)

 One day I started a bucket list, on that list was to get my motorbike licence. Last year I started having lessons with an instructor. Once I became confident after a couple of lessons I purchased my first motorbike and started heading out shadowed by my husband. He had been riding for too many years that he cares to remember. I was happy feeling quite comfortable with everything except one thing. O turns, everybody hates them, but they were a big issue for me. The first time I tried one I came of my bike and hurt my leg. Each time I tried to do an O, I either could not do it or I would drop my bike. My confidence dropped and my heart nearly stopped each time I tried to do one. It was really becoming a major issue; I was so frustrated as I could do everything else without an issue. I lost confidence in my instructor and just started riding with my husband so I did not lose my nerve all together. Even when I was practising with him, I could not do them and kept dropping my bike. I had my test coming up and I was on the verge of thinking, well if I don’t pass I will just not bother and stay on my L’s with my husband as my shadow. This was not really what I wanted. I thought I would have a look for a different instructor and give it one last go.

I called Gary at Delta Motor Cycle Coaching and organised a lesson.

Straight away he made me feel at ease. I took my bike for the lesson, tried to do an O turn and yes dropped my bike again. Gary suggested that I used his bike in future as he felt I was so worried about dropping mine I always did. So this is what we did. Guess what, I could do O’s. Not only did Gary show faith in my abilities, he made me feel confident enough to keep trying and conquer doing the dreaded O. I eventually succeeded, he had so many different ways of teaching that we just kept going until we found a technique that worked. Gary showed me not only how to ride a bike to pass my test but showed me how to be aware of everything around me and how to stay safe while I am riding. I feel confident now to ride on my own and without his patience and skill I do not feel I would have ever have passed my test.

Gary is a very professional, honest and genuine gentleman and I would not hesitate to refer him to anyone. He is now teaching my son.

Kate W. (08/01.2015)

Highly recommend Gary at Delta Motorcycle Coaching whether you are a learner or more experienced and just looking to complete your licence. Gary has a very practical no rush approach to becoming a better all-round rider and was extremely knowledgeable about bikes in general.

Thanks for the great tips mate and all the best.